We have been attending Daleys Dog Training Club since January 2013 with our blind labrador puppy Max. Pauline and Jules were really supportive of Max from the start and came up with lots of ideas to help us train him despite his blindness.
Max is now doing really well and has made lots of progress in such a short space of time! He recently passed his Puppy Certificate which we were thrilled with and we have now started work on our Bronze Award.
Max loves coming along to dog training and has made friends with lots of other dogs and puppies! We have also gained a lot from the sessions and enjoy them too.
Gemma and Paul Bennett
Pauline and Jules have been training me and my dogs for over 20 years now. They believe very strongly in teaching you to build a bond of trust between the dog and handler. They ensure your pet will become a well adjusted member of the family, well trained and happy. All this is done with positive training methods.
We have been able to take our dogs all over the country with us staying in hotels with the confidence they will always behave. We get endless comments on how well adjusted and behaved our dogs are. This would never have been possible without the help of Pauline and Jules.
They make training fun, on club night you really feel part of a family.
They even got me interested in competitive obedience. I didnt quite have the dedication needed to take this to a higher level but enjoyed competing at the lower levels. The most important thing was the dogs really enjoyed it.
Without their training I would not have been able to develop my other interest in Companion Animal Behaviour. Together I have the confidence that I can refer clients back to Pauline and Jules to ensure the dogs and owners are getting the best training and care.
They are very patient, are excellent teachers and really understand the dogs. In fact my dogs only have to hear their voices to start wagging their tails!

Wendy J Taylor RVN DipAVN (Surgical) Dip AVN (Medical) BVNA
Head Veterinary Nurse Prospect Veterinary Centre